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Add dimension with awnings and canopies

Don't keep your guests waiting in the rain. Choose from our beautiful awnings and door canopies, installed professionally by our licensed contractors. Customize a look that compliments your home's color and style.

Trust in our exceptional workmanship

Don't put off adding value and beauty to your home. At Watertown Siding Co. Inc, you'll always get outstanding service from our skilled installers.


Let us come to your home, provide you with numerous product options to choose from, and customize a solution to fit your door's size and shape. It's a fast, easy way to create a whole new look on your home or even on a business.

Select from outstanding product options

- We sell Hastings Window awnings

- Choose from numerous sizes for virtually any window

- Dozens of color options to blend in with your siding

- Custom fit awnings

- Protect your home's furnishings from fading due to sunlight

- Choose from Hastings door canopies in numerous colors

- Get protection from the sun, ice, rain, and snow

- Customized canopies for any doorway

Ask your neighbors about their experiences with our company. We've built a solid reputation since 1970.


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Choose quality and competitive prices by using Watertown Siding Co. Inc. Our full line of vinyl siding and replacement windows will impress you.

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